Zerona Laser Frequently Asked Questions

What does the zerona laser do?

The Zerona Laser removes superficial fat from the body. It represents the most recent and advanced technology that can remove fat on par with, yet without the dangers of, liposuction. An independent FDA study showed an average reduction of 3-5” of circumference after 6 treatments over 2 weeks. The Zerona™ Laser used by Better Body Solutions is the only laser studied by the FDA to achieve anything near these results.

How does the zerona laser work?

The laser is calibrated to cause superficial fat cells to become temporarily porous. This allows fat to leak into the spaces between the cells where it is carried by the lymphatic system and eliminated via normal channels. It is a non-thermal technology, so no heat is generated, no incisions are necessary, there is no pain, discomfort or scarring, and there is no downtime whatsoever.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Everyone is different, so results will vary. The success of the treatments depends on your body’s ability to detoxify emulsified cellular debris. Therefore, not all patients will obtain the same outcome at the end of the two-week therapy. In double-blind, randomized, multi-site, placebo-controlled clinical trials that tracked the circumferences of patient’s hips, waist and thighs, the average total loss was 3.5 inches, up to a maximum of 9.5 inches, compared to a placebo group that only lost one-half inch.

Who can receive Zerona Laser treatment?

Zerona™ Laser treatment for weight loss can be of benefit to many people. During our doctor’s thorough consultation, we will determine if you are a good candidate for the program and if weight loss will improve your health. If you are a good candidate for the program, the doctor will determine a treatment and nutritional protocol that is best for your body.

Are there any risks using Zerona Laer?

The Zerona Laser is the first therapy of its kind to be cleared by the FDA. Millions of treatments have been performed to date and there are no known risks associated with low-level laser therapy. This treatment causes absolutely no discomfort before or after the treatment.

Is the Zerona Laser procedure painful?

Treatment is painless and is non-invasive – no surgery, no anesthesia, no needles, no recovery, no healing, and no downtime.

What do the treatments involve?

The standard protocol is to receive three treatments a week for two weeks – six treatments in total. Each treatment lasts 40 minutes. You may receive nutritional supplementation to support fat removal and enhance the treatment results. Also, you will be instructed on what you can do to help get the best fat-loss results during this two-week period. Practitioners in the field are reporting an average 3”-5” reduction of circumference using these protocols, although everyone is different and no results are guaranteed. There is no limit to how many treatments you can receive.

Will the Lunchtime Lipo program get rid of cellulite?

The Zerona™ Laser contours the body by removing superficial fat, not cellulite. Your doctor may recommend additional deep tissue massage to help breakdown the fibrous adhesions common to cellulite.

Will the fat deposit elsewhere?

Fat removed by the Zerona™ Laser is broken down and removed by the body. Unlike liposuction, there is no evidence that this fat re-deposits elsewhere in the body.

Can I just use the laser instead of dieting?

The Zerona Laser effectively causes superficial adipose tissue to leak fat into the interstitial space and be excreted through the digestive tract. However, it does not drain the deeper visceral fat. Ideally, you will use this program to “jump start” a healthy dietary and exercise regimen. If you are currently eating well and exercising, the Zerona Laser treatments will allow you to sculpt your body and reduce fat in trouble spots.

Can the fat return?

The program itself does not obliterate or remove the fat cells from the body. When the fat leaves the cells, the cells remain intact and collapse to their ‘unloaded’ size. If poor diet and lifestyle habits continue and more calories are ingested than are expended, the body will store the excess calories and the fat cells may begin to retain fat again. It has been found that the Zerona™ Laser program is an excellent jumpstart to creating better lifestyle, dietary and exercise choices. You may choose to have more laser treatments at any time.

How many Zerona Laser treatments can I do?

This should be discussed with your doctor. Many patients return for second, third, fourth, and more series of treatments to focus on different areas or to lose even more inches. There have been no contraindications or side effects found from continued treatments.

Why do some people lose more inches then others?

The physiological ability to process fat has genetic variability from person to person. Variations included function of the lymph and digestive system as well as possible metabolic abnormalities. Your doctor will work with your individual case to help achieve optimum performance within the parameters of your given physiological make up.

When can I expect to see the results of Zerona Laser?

Typical results in decrease of body circumference are seen after about one week following completion of your treatment. Some individuals may actually see results almost immediately, while some individuals may not experience much decrease of body circumference or weight, depending upon their particular physiological condition.

What signs of change may I notice during my treatments?

Some physiological changes can occur during your program. Initial changes are typically noted beginning around the first week and may include changes in stool including lightening of color, loosening of texture, and floating. This is due to the increased fat content of the stool as the body eliminates the excess fat via the digestive tract. Upon palpation, superficial body fat may begin to feel softer or more ‘liquid’ during the program. Also, finding and tracking the size and texture of any ‘fat nodules’ or lipomas in the field of treatment may be a useful monitor of initial changes.

Why did you take my measurements?

In order to accurately gauge your loss of body circumference in inches, it is important to take accurate measurements. These are taken at specific anatomical sites before the first treatment, after the final treatment, and one week after the final treatment. We also highly recommend before and after pictures of targeted areas.

Do the treatments increase toxins in my system?

During a large study, liver panels were taken pre-treatment and post-treatment and no changes were shown. Among its approximately 500 functions, the liver is one of the body’s major detoxification pathways and any increase in toxins would show an increase in liver activity.

Is the Zerona Laser safe if breastfeeding or during pregnancy?

Most likely, yes. However, we feel it is best to wait and for that reason will not treat either. However, it is a great way to kick start your pre- and post-mommy body program.

Are there any other physical changes from the treatment besides fat?

During a pilot study, it was shown that cholesterol and triglyceride levels were normalized. This means that people who were 10 points high tended to drop 10 points and people who were 100 points high tended to drop 100 points.

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